Important Details on How to Degauss a Hard Drive


For most businesses, safe data destruction is not only good for efficiency, it is also a legal requirement. Once a company no longer requires specific data, it should destroy the same to prevent it from landing into the wrong hands. While paper shredders and incinerators where useful in the past, new technology is now needed. Drive degaussing is a very useful way of erasing information stored in a computer hard drive. If this concept is new to you, the following are the main things to note about it.

To begin with, here is a brief description of how degaussing works. Degaussing is the effective process that erases or destroys information stored in a hard drive. A degausser is a machine that is especially designed to do the actual data degaussing. Data storage on a hard drive works by coding information on a magnetic strip in the drive. A degaussing machine will normally create a strong electromagnetic field that destroys the ways information was stored and thus erase it. Degaussing results are usually permanent, meaning that data is permanently unreadable.

You can only successfully erase data using a degausser if you use the right machine. Different hard drives have different coercivity levels, which affect their ability to be degaussed. Hard drives with higher coercivity can only be successfully erased with a degausser with corresponding power. Consult experts and read widely about such ratings so as to get the most effective machine for your needs. Know what is degaussing a hard drive here!

Other than the strength of their magnetic field, degaussers are also differentiated using other criteria. One of those features is whether the machine requires electricity or not. You can find very large machines for handling heavy workloads and other smaller ones for smaller scale jobs. If you need to do drive degaussing at different locations, you can buy a portable degausser. There are even government approved degaussers that are recommended due to their effectiveness. Learn how does a degausser work here!

The actual degaussing exercise is quite straightforward. Ensure that every drive you want erased goes through the machine for good results.. The degaussing process can also render the hard drive unusable again on top of erasing current data. Use a degausser if you are also willing to lose the hard drive.  If you are wondering what to do with a degaussed hard drive, you can sell it to recyclers who retrieve useful parts.You can also learn more details on where to find the best hard drive degausser by checking out the post at

Buying a company degausser is applicable to companies that always have a lot of data to destroy within short intervals. There are also companies that offer professional degaussing services for businesses that do not want to buy their own machines. Most of these companies can destroy the data at your premises or you can go to them. Such companies will not only destroy the data, they will also get rid of the hard drives for you.


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